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Latest BMW News & Trends
Love it or hate it, BMW is a big deal all over the world. Along with Mercedes-Benz and Audi, the Bavarian auto marque has ingrained itself as a staple of German luxury and precision, becoming one of South Africa’s favourite brands in the process. BMW has it all, from the 3-series, a familiar favourite, to the mighty X7, a luxo-barge on wheels. In recent years, BMW has become more accessible to young professionals with the introduction of the 1- and 2-series, and a quick drive around Sandton will tell you just how much we love a good Bimmer in Mzansi. The beauty of BMW is in its heritage, and nowhere is it clearer than in South Africa, where a neat and tidy gusheshe is hotter property than most other cars on the market, new or old!
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