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Latest Isuzu News & Trends
The first Isuzu vehicle arrived in South Africa back in 1968, and the rest, as they say, is history. Isuzu began life as a Japanese assembler of British vehicles, but has grown into a major bus, truck, and pick-up manufacturer in its own right. South Africans have used and abused the hardy KB (now rebadged as D-MAX) bakkie for decades, and some exemplary units have clocked well over a million kilometres of service. Isuzu’s local success can largely be attributed to a long history of local production, starting all the way back in 1978. Six generations of KB bakkies have followed, and they’re now sold alongside Isuzu’s first-ever full-sized SUV, the mighty MU-X. Since General Motors’ departure from South Africa in 2017, Isuzu Trucks South Africa has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Isuzu Japan, boding well for the future of these bakkies here at home. The seventh-generation D-MAX lands in 2022, so Toyota and Ford should be looking over their shoulders for years to come!
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