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08:25 - 8/20/2021
Mikail Baker

The top three used luxury SUVs for sale near you

SUVs are so in right now. Thanks to them, station wagons are all but extinct, and we’re all living the high life now. There’s really nothing more imposing than a luxury SUV, and we’ve picked three of the very best for you to choose from.
08:08 - 8/20/2021
Mikail Baker

Petrol vs diesel: Which bakkie is right for you?

It’s true that diesel engines are being phased out around the world, but here in South Africa, these oil-burners are still happily chugging along, dutifully serving farmers, handymen, and all manner of hard-working professionals around the country.
07:44 - 8/20/2021
Mikail Baker

Here’s how much the new Volkswagen Golf GTI costs

The all-new “vrrr-pha” is being branded the most high-tech GTI ever, and it’s packed with plenty of power, comfort, and class, too. We’ve got all the juicy details right here.
07:32 - 8/20/2021
Mikail Baker

What to think about when buying a used Audi Q5

For some strange reason, Audi has never quite attained the prestige of either BMW or Mercedes-Benz here in South Africa. Here at Carzuka, we think that’s quite a pity, as Audi manufactures some of the finest luxury cars in the world.
Silver ford ranger for sale parked outside a building
08:00 - 7/20/2021
Mikail Baker

What to check for when buying a second-hand for sale car in Pretoria

Here at Carzuka, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We take steps to ensure that Carzuka cars for sale are of the highest quality
A man sitting inside a Mercedes-Benz A class hatchback
08:46 - 7/19/2021
Mikail Baker

Ten tips for buying a second-hand car in Centurion

Carzuka is here to help you find second-hand cars for sale in Centurion. Learn more about buying used cars for sale and let us guide you through every single step of the journey.
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