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Your ultimate guide to buying and selling cars
Your ultimate guide to buying and selling cars
Kyle Kock - Carzuka
12:50 - 3/7/2022

Carzuka’s ultimate g...

Carzuka’s ultimate guide to buying and selling cars

12:50 - 3/7/2022
40% of car buyers don’t think car dealers have the necessary digital tools in place for a seamless car-buying experience. Considering online is the first line of contact for buyers across generations, it’s time for a new way to buy and sell cars.
Mikail Baker - Mercedes-Benz
08:25 - 8/20/2021

The top three used l...

The top three used luxury SUVs for sale near you

08:25 - 8/20/2021
SUVs are so in right now. Thanks to them, station wagons are all but extinct, and we’re all living the high life now. There’s really nothing more imposing than a luxury SUV, and we’ve picked three of the very best for you to choose from.
Mikail Baker - Isuzu South Africa
08:08 - 8/20/2021

Petrol vs diesel: Wh...

Petrol vs diesel: Which bakkie is right for you?

08:08 - 8/20/2021
It’s true that diesel engines are being phased out around the world, but here in South Africa, these oil-burners are still happily chugging along, dutifully serving farmers, handymen, and all manner of hard-working professionals around the country.
Mikail Baker - Volkswagen
07:44 - 8/20/2021

Here’s how much the...

Here’s how much the new Volkswagen Golf GTI costs

07:44 - 8/20/2021
The all-new “vrrr-pha” is being branded the most high-tech GTI ever, and it’s packed with plenty of power, comfort, and class, too. We’ve got all the juicy details right here.
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